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Location:Toronto, Canada
Age statement: I am well over the age of 21.

This Journal is my secondary journal to Livejournal, which is mostly used for my fandom interests, which include Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Torchwood, Elijah Wood and the Lord of the Rings, HBO's Rome series, Stephen King's Dark Tower series and Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series. If all of fandom moves over to Dreamwidth, I will be too, and leaving LJ as my backup.

Lastly, I seem to have developed a fetish for footballers. The English and Welsh ones, and Manchester United in particular. So I do squee about them a bit too. Sorry.

I do the occasional piece of (mediocre) Harry Potter art, and do tend to post them here, as well as at my DeviantART account.

I'm very slash-friendly (more of a slash-addict, really), and gay positive, and liberal in my political and social outlook. You're welcome to add me to your friends list, but although I will most likely friend you back, I can't guarantee it. You can also take me off your friends list too, no worries there ;)

My alternate journals

Insane Journal

Greatest Journal

Journal Fen

Current Fandoms:

Ancient Rome
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Lucius Cornelius Sulla, 138-78 BCE.


Doctor Who:

Harry Potter
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Manchester United
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The Dark Tower series
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Elijah Wood and The Lord of the Rings

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